EV-Grid Integration Capacity Building Guidebook Release


@Andrew Roberts on Unsplash

The sale of new energy vehicles (NEV) in China has continued to increase under current policy and market incentives, reaching  3.5 million NEVs sold in 2021.  This steady increase means that the electricity demand for electric vehicles and their potential impact on the power grid are also on the rise. 

To introduce the significance of electric vehicle-grid integration (VGI) to EV manufacturers, charging service providers and energy services companies, NRDC supported China EV100 to develop an  EV-Grid Integration Capacity Building Guidebook ( Guidebook) . The Guidebook describes the  software and hardware requirements for vehicle-charging pile-grid interaction, business models, best practices, and ways to motivate EV owners’ parcitipation in VGI projects. 


Additionally, the Guidebook summarizes the potential of EV users’ participation in VGI, analyzes the characteristics of driving and charging for different types of users, and compares the ability of different vehicle models to be dispatched under VGI programs. The results show that factors such as dispatch revenue, electricity price subsidy, and battery capacity attenuation due to discharge have a direct impact on the willingness of EV owners’ participation in VGI. 

The Guidebook was released at China EV100’s eighth annual forum held in Beijing on March 25-27, 2022.