A Thank-You Letter from 2022 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee


Screenshot of the thank-you letter 

With venues supplied by 100% renewable energy and low-carbon snow used for the first time in Olympic history, China has delivered on its pledge to host the first carbon-neutral games in history. The games are symbolic of mounting political will behind climate action, complementing President Xi’s 2021 announcement that China will strictly limit new coal in the current 14th FYP and begin to phase down coal in the coming 15th FYP. NRDC experts were invited to provide suggestions for a green Olympics after Beijing was selected as the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics. We have received a thank-you letter from the Organizing Committee recently for our suggestions and support. We will continue to work hard with key stakeholders to develop and implement concrete measures to ensure that China meets its climate ambitions. Together, for a shared clean energy future.