NbS+ Workshop: Convening Leading Experts and Policy Makers to Discuss Ways to Finance NbS


Online Workshop Backdrop  

Nature-based Solution (NbS) has received wide attention globally due to their important role in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. NbS was listed as one of the ten strategic priorities listed in China’s Mid-Century Long-Term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat before COP26. To provide a platform for multi-stakeholders to exchange ideas and share best practices and lessons learned to unlock the huge potential of NbS, NRDC launched the “NbS+” workshop series on May 17 with China Green Carbon Foundation and IUCN. The first workshop focused on financing NbS.  Policy makers and top experts in conservation, climate and finance discussed how to  leverage finance and market tools to support NbS. The guest speakers included Liu Shirong, the #1 expert in forestry ecology and forest carbon in China, and Ma Jun, the Chairman of Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking, who led the drafting of China's green finance guideline. The online workshop attracted over 2,000 views from the target audience. The Director General of International Cooperation at National Forestry and Grassland Administration spoke highly of the workshop series as it provides a cross-field platform to inspire each other and develop consensus for synergy.  Key industry media including Green Times, Daily Economic Observer and China Science Daily covered the workshop. The workshop series aims to provide recommendations on mainstreaming NbS, including science, policy, finance, and implementation tools.