Understanding the Needs of Power Enterprises in their Low Carbon Transition



The actions of power enterprises comprise a deciding factor in how quickly China can peak its power sector emissions. The power enterprises also have strong vested interests to influence reform policies. To support power enterprises and get their buy-in in expediting power sector low-carbon transition, NRDC partnered with China Energy Research Society (CERS) and China Electricity Council (CEC) to conduct a field workshop to understand the concerns and mutual challenges faced by power enterprises. Due to COVID restriction, the planned field workshopwas held online on May 31, 2022, where representatives from the two grid companies and big five generators and power investment group, as well as electric planning institute, shared their actions, concerns, and suggestions. The attendees raised a number of issues in common that need to be addressed. For example: the power market and price mechanism need to better support the new power system development; some policies need to be harmonized between local and central authorities; the mandatory policy for energy storage do not fit the current situation; and a long-term policy is needed to ensure renewable energy integration, etc. The CERS and CEC will work together to summarize the findings and submit them to relevant policy-making departments as well as disseminate them among key stakeholders in the power sector.