Develop a Legal Mechanism that Supports Carbon Neutrality Goal


NRDC, partnering with the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), held a workshop on the legal mechanisms to support the carbon neutrality goal and released a report titled Legal Mechanism for Carbon Sinks. Carbon sinks, such as soil, oceans and vegetation, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and store carbon. They are an important help to tackle climate change. The report mapped out the development of the legal mechanism for ecological carbon sinks in China and abroad and provided policy recommendations, including the employment of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to protect the ecosystems and improve their carbon uptake. The workshop also featured experts from MEE’s Climate Department, leading law research institutes in China, and the Environmental Law Branch of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. They discussed the development of the climate legal framework in China.