Tackle Fishery Governance “Headache”: Mixed Fisheries


Mixed fisheries are a “governance headache” worldwide. In China, mixed fisheries, characterized by non-selective fishing gear and a high diversity of catch species, are considered as one of the great challenges to sustainable fisheries reform, such as the implementation of a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) system. NRDC supported the Marine Fisheries Research Institute of Zhejiang Province in organizing the first international workshop on mixed fisheries management, which was held on July 20. Scientists from Stony Brook University and NRDC reported on the characteristics and management of the world’s mixed fisheries. We also invited an expert to introduce Thailand’s approach to mixed fisheries management. A key policy advisor for the Bureau of Fisheries (BOF), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) pointed out that Thailand’s Effort Control approach is highly relevant and can serve as a reference for China’s fishery management. The experts also discussed the impacts of mixed fisheries on the design and implementation of the Bohai Sea regional TAC pilot. About 150 participants attended the online workshop, including officials from the BOF of MARA, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, fishery officials and enforcement officers from the coastal provinces, researchers from universities, and the fishery cooperative representatives.