Promoting Low Carbon Transition in Key Sectors and Cities in Henan


Jieqing Zhang, NRDC China Country Director, spoke at the workshop @NRDC 

Henan is a major coal producer and consumer in China and its power industry plays a key role in coal reduction. On September 6, NRDC held a workshop with the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP) to launch Mid- and Long-Term Coal Consumption Control Pathway for the Power Sector in Henan and Mid- and Long-term Coal Consumption Control Pathways in Anyang under the goals of Dual Carbon and of Air Quality Improvement. The former predicted that Henan’s power sector will peak carbon emissions between 2027 and 2031. The latter proposed that the city of Anyang, representative of northern cities with coal-intensive industries, needs to reduce coal consumption by 85% - 92% from 2020 to 2060 to reach the Dual Carbon goals and clean air goals. The two reports put forward pathways for Henan’s power sector and the city of Anyang which can serve as a reference for other northern provinces and cities pursuing low carbon transition. Industry experts joined the workshop to share their insights, including deputy head of the renewable energy center at Central China Electric Power Engineering Institute, head of the environmental science institute at Zhengzhou University, and a professor of chemistry and environmental engineering at Anyang Institute of Technology.