MPA Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for Ocean Conservation in China


Screenshot of the workshop @NRDC 

On September 8, NRDC co-hosted a seminar with our partner to share the progress of Marine Protected Area (MPA) in China and abroad, and to explore the challenges and opportunities for further expanding MPAs in China. More than 150 people attended the meeting, including officials from the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the Bureau of Fishery, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China and other research institutes and representatives of marine conservation organizations. Targeting the second part of the CBD COP 15, the most important international conference on biodiversity conservation, the seminar provided a rare opportunity for discussion between Chinese officials and experts, including Chinese and international researchers. The topics included the priorities of marine conservation in China, the challenge of the ocean 30 target, policy reviews on MPAs, international case studies, and marine biodiversity hotspot identification and protection. Lisa Speer, Director of NRDC International Oceans Program, gave an overview of the global ocean 30 targets. Minna Epps, the head of IUCN’s ocean team emphasized the important role of MPAs for global ocean conservation. Kirsten Grorud Colvert, a professor from the State University of Oregan, presented a series of international MPA practice that effectively achieve both biodiversity conservation and community benefits. Key industry media, including China Natural Resources News, the official newspaper under the Ministry of Natural Resources, covered the key message highlighted by the experts at the seminar.