World Car-Free Day: Promoting Non-Motorized Transportation


Screen shot of TV interview of Zhiming Pan, NRDC China City Project Director  

Walking and bicycling are important to reduce emissions in cities. On September 22, NRDC China City Project Director, Zhiming Pan, was invited to attend the World Car-Free Day activity held by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport and shared our latest research findings in advocating for walking and bicycling in China. NRDC has been advocating for low carbon mobility for a decade, focusing on the improvement of street facilities. This year, we collaborated with the Center for Environmental Education and Communication of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to find out Beijing residents’ preferences and the factors that can attract more people to go for walking and bicycling. Zhiming Pan was interviewed by mainstream media, including Beijing Radio & Television Station, which broadcasted the interview on TV screens in all the buses and subways in Beijing during the day.