New Report: Recommendations to Promote Low Carbon Transition in Key Sectors in Shandong



Ranking third in GDP in China, Shandong is also the nation’s third largest coal consumer, with 57% of its coal consumed by five major industries – iron and steel, aluminum, chemicals, cement, and petrochemicals. Therefore, reducing coal consumption from these industries plays a key role in the province’s low carbon transition and green development. On November 3, NRDC held a workshop with the Ecology Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences to launch the Research on Coal Consumption Cap Pathways for Key Coal-Intensive Industries in Shandong during the 14th FYP Period. The report recommends low-carbon solutions, such as optimizing industrial layout, implementing energy-saving technology retrofits, increasing the proportion of clean energy, and developing circular economy, to decarbonize these five industrial sectors, which collectively can reduce 40 million tons of coal consumption in the coming 5 years. Around 50 industry experts and energy planners joined the hybrid workshop, including representatives from the Shandong Engineering Consulting Institute, Strategic Research Institute of Shandong Iron & Steel Group, Shandong Association of Oil & Petrochemical Refinery, and Shandong Society for Metals. The research findings were covered by top tier media such as China Industry News, 21st Century Business Herald, and Southern Metropolis Daily