RAMSAR COP14: Protect Wetlands for People, Species and Habitats


Screenshot of NRDC’s water policy expert speaking at the side event  

NRDC co-organized a side event with International Crane Foundation, Conservation International, the Global Environmental Institute and the Environmental Law Research Institute of Wuhan University on Cross-Regional Wetland Action: Connecting People, Species and Habitats on November 12 as one of the side events at RAMSAR COP14. Representatives from government agencies, research institutes, private sectors, communities, and NGOs spoke at the event to discuss how policy improvement, community engagement, awareness education, and capacity empowerment actions can help protect the wetlands, biodiversity and climate. NRDC’s water policy expert gave a presentation on how the Clean Water Act helped to protect wetlands in the U.S. He emphasized the importance of having key policies and regulations in place to support protection actions in the fight against biodiversity and climate crises. About 400 people participated in the hybrid event. The side event was held one day before the RAMSAR COP14 close, a right time to remind parties that after all the negotiations and talks, it’s time for action.