Green Transportation Breakout Session at U.S.-China Urban Summit



NRDC led the China Urban Sustainability Coalition in organizing the "Low Carbon Urban Transport and Zero Emission Vehicle" breakout session at the first U.S.-China Climate Smart/Low Carbon Urban Summit held on September 15-16 in Los Angeles. The session explored opportunities and challenges in reducing transport-related emissions, and discussed effective ways to develop low carbon urban transport and zero-emission vehicles. Keynote speakers and panelists of this session included mayors and municipal officials, transportation sector experts from the U.S. and China, and senior management from the private sector, including BYD and Tesla. The session provided guidance to reduce transportation emissions within three major focus areas: 1. Promote green transportation like public transit, walking, and cycling via compatible urban planning; 2. Reduce transportation demand via market mechanisms and public education; 3. Develop pollution-free vehicles and clean fuel, including low carbon electricity and higher efficiency energy.