Experts Agree that Renewable Energy Ensures Energy Security


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As China continues to prioritize energy security, speakers at NRDC’s salon on constructing a New Power System emphasized that renewable energy is the way to ensure real energy security as fossil fuel will eventually run out. To achieve a sustainable development of renewables, the speakers from a grid company-affiliated think tank and power planning institutes recommended that China decarbonize its power system in an orderly manner to balance the environmental carrying capacity, utilize market mechanisms and technology advancement to lower the cost of variable renewable energy integration, and take land constraints for wind and solar installation into spatial and energy planning. The salon, held on December 13, is the 5th in a series of thematic salons organized in partnership with the China Energy Research Society to promote China’s power sector decarbonization. This event and the experts’ views were widely disseminated by major Chinese media, including China Environmental News, China Daily, and China Industrial News.