Protected Area and Community Workshop III: Concerted Nature Conservation and Community Development


NRDC held the 3rd workshop of the “Protected Area and Community” Workshop Series with partners on December 22. There are a large number of people living in and around the national parks. It is vital to protect the nature and to support community development at the same time. The participants, including local community representatives, government officials, researchers, and NGOs discussed gaps between nature conservation and community development and explored practical solutions to empower and engage local communities. Xie Yi, a professor at Beijing Forestry University shared the findings of a research supported by NRDC and local park agency in Hunchun in the Northeast Tiger & Leopard National Park. The research recommends to develop policies that give more weight on local community engagement and consultation for park management and green development. Yu Dongxi, a community representative shared how community patrol contributed to the park development and the increase of the wildlife populations in the area. NRDC supported local community to set up the first co-management team in 2021 to perform such management tasks like anti-poaching patrols, which proved to be an effective way to protect nature and to increase community income. Over 200 participants participated in the online workshop. The key messages and expert quotes at the workshop were covered by key media outlets, including the China News and the Beijing News, to over 1 million audience.