The healthy and biologically diverse ocean impacts our lives and well-being. Globally, NRDC works to maintain and restore ocean ecosystems by seeking to prevent or end destructive practices. We have also been leaders in promoting the establishment of marine protected areas and in protecting threated and endangered species such as marine mammals. Since joining the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 1993,China has gradually put marine biodiversity conservation into legislation and has been dedicated to expanding and improving marine protected areas (MPAs). At the same time, China has been an active participant in the cause of biodiversity conservation beyond national jurisdictions. The success of MPA management in China is considerable significant to conserving the world's marine biodiversity. NRDC has begun to cooperate with relevant Chinese government agencies, research institutions and local NGOs to support the building of marine protected-areas and conserving marine biodiversity in China through international case sharing, technical support and policy advocacy.

Our Ocean Planet