China is the world’s second largest consumer and the world’s largest importer of oil. Oil is a driving force behind China’s social and economic development. However, as oil consumption climbs year after year, oil and its related industries are causing serious damage to the environment and climate. Additionally, China’s increasing dependence on oil presents a threat to its national energy security. In order to address climate change and reduce environmental pollution, China Oil Consumption Cap Plan and Policy Research Project (aka "China Oil Cap Project") was launched in January 2018, with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Energy Foundation China (EF China) as the coordinating organization. The project combines resources from over 10 key stakeholders - including government think tanks, academic institutions, and industry associations - to help China peak and reduce its oil consumption and to support China’s oil industry to be safer, greener, and more efficient. The project aims to ultimately help China leap over the Oil Age into a clean energy future, helping to conserve resources and protect public health, the environment and the climate.