Compilation of Fisheries Management Policies in Marine Protected Areas in the United States


China, a country rich in both terrestrial and marine biodiversity, is committed to building a protected area system with national parks as a core and plans to optimize and integrate its marine protected areas into this system. In this way, China will strengthen the protection of marine biodiversity, build resilience to climate change, and contribute to sustainable livelihoods and the ocean economy. The management of fishery activities in marine protected areas has an important impact on the effectiveness of marine protected areas. NRDC’s compilation introduces the fishery management systems and regulations related to marine protected areas in the United States at federal and state levels and from remote islands in the Pacific to coastal areas adjacent to human populations. These fishery management policies can play an important role in protecting biodiversity, enhancing ecological resilience and providing fishery benefits outside the marine protected areas. It is hoped that this compilation will provide a useful reference for China as it formulates its own marine protected area policies.