Transition Finance Mechanisms to Support Low-Carbon Transition of Coal Power Companies ——Case Studies from Shanxi and Inner Mongolia (II)


Under China's "30·60" dual-carbon targets, the country's coal power sector is confronted with the dual imperatives of ensuring power supply reliability and pursuing a low-carbon transition. Transition finance stands out as a pivotal mechanism, providing essential support for a systematic and just transition. Recognizing this significance, our research team initiated a detailed study in 2021 into transition finance as it applies to China’s high-emitting industries, especially the coal power industry. 

This report is the second one in our ongoing research series. The report begins by outlining the most recent developments in transition finance policies and market trends, both within China and globally. The report then identifies the main obstacles confronting financial institutions as they navigate the realm of transition finance in China. Drawing from globally recognized transition related disclosure standards, the report introduces a corporate-level transition plan framework specifically designed for China's coal power entities. Based on thorough case study analyses, the report concludes with suggestions and guidance suitable for various stakeholders: governmental bodies, financial institutions, coal power companies, and other third-party entities, emphasizing a coordinated effort in harnessing transition finance. 

The report is only available in Chinese.