Supporting the First Central China Dual-carbon Forum


@Zhengzhou University 

The 14th FYP period is critical for Henan, the largest economy in central China and the nation’s fifth largest energy consumer, to improve its air quality and reduce carbon for achieving the carbon peaking and neutrality targets. To promote low-carbon, eco-friendly economic and social development in Henan, NRDC supported Zhengzhou University in holding the first “Central China Dual-carbon Forum: Low-carbon Energy Transition and Synergistic Control of Environmental Pollution and Carbon Emissions,” which enjoyed broad participation from various sectors, with around 200 guests present and over ten thousand people participating online. Ms. Zhang Jieqing, Country Director of NRDC China, was invited to give an opening speech at the beginning of the forum. Five Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, German National Academy of Engineering and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences delivered keynote speeches on air pollution control and low-carbon energy transition. Emphasizing the role of local government in Henan’s energy transition and air quality improvement, the forum also facilitated a roundtable discussion engaging government representatives from Henan Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Ecological Environment in an in-depth dialogue on the hot issues emerging in Henan’s green and low-carbon transition process.