Report: Advancing a Hydrogen Steelmaking Decarbonization Pathway


The iron and steel industry contributes about 15% of China’s carbon emissions, with hydrogen steelmaking a key pathway to decarbonize the sector. On June 26, NRDC partnered with the China Steel Development Research Institute to release a joint report, “Development Strategy for Hydrogen Steelmaking Towards Carbon Neutrality.” The report gives a forecast on China’s current steel demand and production from now to 2060 and a review of the development status of hydrogen steelmaking in China and abroad. The research puts forward a hydrogen steelmaking technology development roadmap for China to help cut steelmaking emissions by 95% by 2060, and recommends policies to support development and scale-up of hydrogen steelmaking, including pricing carbon emissions from steelmaking and increasing financing for hydrogen steelmaking deployment. The research findings were covered by key industry media, including China Metallurgical News, China Electric Power & Energy, and China Industry News