China’s First Research Report for Phasing Out Traditional ICEVs Released


China has been the world’s largest car market for a decade, which creates increasing demand for oil. Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles’ (ICEVs) consumption accounted for 42% of the total consumption of crude oil and for more than 80% of refined oil. The phase-out of ICEVs would be a significant factor in reducing China’s total oil consumption. On May 20, the China Oil Cap Project released a research report, “A Study on China’s Timetable for Phasing Out Traditional ICE-Vehicles.” The report recommends that traditional ICEVs should be phased out in China to address the challenges of air pollution, climate change and energy security. The phase-out process should be undertaken by region and by vehicle category. Taxis and buses that use fossil fuels should be phased out first by 2030. The report release event also invited high-profile speakers from the government, the electrical vehicle industry, and research institutes to give comments on the topic. The report received extensive media coverage since it is China’s first research report of its kind, including from Phoenix, National Business Daily, The Beijing News, etc.