Supporting First Fisheries Management Study Tour to EU


The delegation learned about the traceability labelling system at the Vigo, Spain fishing port auction place, the largest fishing ports in the EU

NRDC supported and participated in a study trip organized by the Marine Fisheries Partnership (MFP) in Spain and Belgium from September 25 to October 1, 2019. The participating delegation included fishery officials and scientists from China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and four of China’s coastal provinces. This was the fourth year of MFP’s study tour and the first one to the EU. Key fishery and port officials from the European Commission, Spain's central government, Galicia autonomous government and a fishermen's guild shared the European Union’s Common Fishery Policy and its implementation status in member states such as Spain, highlighting various topics such as the seafood traceability system, small scale fisheries, monitoring and enforcement. This knowledge will provide insight for China to formulate its new policies or tools to address the challenge of achieving sustainable fisheries.