Tackling Mobile Source Pollution through Collaborative Governance


 Mobile source emissions, which come from vehicles, vessels and non-road equipment, have become the most significant source of pollution in many Chinese cities. It’s a key issue in combatting air pollution in China. NRDC has started a new initiative to tackle mobile source pollution by improving the implementation of mobile source related environmental laws and policies and strengthening the effectiveness of enforcement and compliance. On November 18th, NRDC organized a mobile source emission collaborative training workshop with around 80 participants. Experts from China University of Political Science and Law, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute and NRDC and environmental lawyers from law firms presented key legislations, relevant technologies, litigation case studies and best practices for regulating mobile source pollution, particularly in the trucking and shipping sectors. NRDC will continue to engage with key stakeholders, including government agencies, research institutions, NGOs and the logistics industry, through a serious of workshops and seminars to explore coordinated actions in order to improve compliance and reduce mobile source pollution.