Providing International Expertise to Support Drafting the Yangtze River Protection Law


NRDC co-organized a workshop with SASS Institute of Law to discuss provisions through the drafting of Yangtze River Protection Law on November 17,2020 @NRDC 

The newly-enacted Yangtze River Protection Law is the first comprehensive watershed-based protection law in China. To support the study on key issues in the law, in November, NRDC co-organized a workshop with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) Institute of Law. Experts from relevant government agencies and research institutes discussed provisions regarding inter-region and inter-agency coordination, environmental restoration, liability for ecological restoration and the design of rules, among others. NRDC experts shared the overall framework of U.S. watershed protection laws as well as individual cases, approaches of ecological integrity assessment and measurements, and control of inland waterway pollution caused by vessels on the Rhine River. The national legislator just passed the law on Dec. 26. NRDC will continue working with the SASS Institute of Law on research relating to Yangtze River Protection Law, the specific regulatory programs under the law, and other watershed-based laws such as the wetland protection law and drinking water source protection law.