Enhancing the Climate Risk Management of Chinese Financial Institutions



On April 14, NRDC held a workshop on Environmental and Climate Risk Assessment and Stress Testing Methods and Applications, in partnership with the International Institute of Green Finance of Central University of Finance and Economics (IIGF). We worked with IIGF on the methodology development and application of environmental and climate risk assessment and stress test, which aims to help improve the risk management of Chinese financial institutions in response to climate change. The research team presented their findings and recommendations at the workshop, which highlighted the importance of the creation of an enabling environment and further enhancement of climate risk analysis. An expert from China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission pointed out that financial institutions and enterprises need to raise their awareness of the climate risks, and the need of the development of environment and climate risk management standards. Financial and energy experts from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Industrial Bank, Jiangsu Bank, China Energy Investment Corporation, and Tsinghua University attended the workshop and discussed how to improve the stress test methodologies.