Climate & Environmental Governance Roundtable in Inner Mongolia


To enable sound decision-making based on considerations of different perspectives, NRDC organized a Climate & Environmental Governance Roundtable (Roundtable) in Inner Mongolia with China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) on July 22. Experts from different fields, including energy, climate, environment and finance, shared their views on the opportunities and challenges of Inner Mongolia in low carbon transition. Additionally, experts from the Supreme People’s Court, Department of Climate Change and Enforcement of Inner Mongolia, research institutes and NGOs discussed the legal system construction in Inner Mongolia to address climate change from the perspectives of legislation, adjudication, enforcement and public participation. A representative from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment spoke highly of the Roundtable in providing a great opportunity for effective communications among key multi-stakeholders. Such communications can help foster consensus and create synergy and coordination for law and policy implementation in environment and climate governance. NRDC initiated the Roundtable to facilitate discussion and communications among multi-stakeholders, since the approach has proven to be an effective and flexible tool in climate and environmental governance, such as dispersed coal governance in the Fenwei Plain.